• Is the text on the screen readable without zooming or scrolling?
• Are all photos easily viewable without zooming?
• Does the mobile experience collect user registration?
• Does your logo look sharp?
• Do the mobile website colors reflect your current brand colors?
• Are you leveraging the GPS location services that mobile provides?
• Does video and advertisements function properly?

• Integrity of the corporate firewall is secure.
• Changes in the firewall mobile configuration do not impact existing security policies.
• Origin of data is authenticated.
• Malware risks to corporate networks and devices are minimized.
• Mobile solution supports existing corporate security standards.
• Ability to delete or change names and passwords on a user level.
• Ability to establish, enforce and update settings through policies or parameters.
• The ability to mandate passwords for individual users.
• Connection over the wireless network is secure.

• Do you have effective bi-directional communications with end users?
• Are your systems integrated to deliver real time marketing?
• Does your mobile communications build trust?
• Are your systems integrated to deliver real time media to end users?
• Does customer service representatives have the ability to respond to inquiries in real time?
• Are your internal communications (emails, intranet site) mobile optimized?

Does your Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program address:
• Human resource issues?
• Employee privacy and employer monitoring rights?
• Regulatory issues?
• Discovery/Litigation issues?
• Data Protection issues?

• Are you communicating the user’s environmental conditions to the ad server?
• Are you targeting ads based on the user's environmental device information?
• Are you serving rich media ads on mobile?
• Are you monetizing mobile video?

• Are you transparent when accessing sensitive customer information like geo-location?
• Does your communication to the mobile device adhere to privacy policy?
• Are you following consumer protection law when marketing to mobile?
• Does your technology provider indemnify you against Intellectual Property Infringement?
• Is your mobile technology patented?



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